Morgh’s “With Fire & Sword” Neo Native module (en)

Short description

Complete Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword game module based on Native v1.143


English and german – there are no other languages available!

Main focus of the changes

Completely changed overland map, additional rivers and bridges, reallocation of all parties, changed ground textures at the overland map, changed textures at the battlefields.

Personal note from me

After buying the addon in July 2011, I was really disappointed and annoyed about the game. The overland map looked horrible and also the geographical positions of the towns and villages are just a bad joke…

So I decided to invest some (50+) hours to change a lot of things at the overland map and the genereal look of the game. First I’ve done this for my brother and me, then I decided to release the module for everyone.

Detailed description

  • Redesign of the whole overland map, also using snow terrain at the high north of the map.
  • New overland map textures – plain and steppe are just a little bit different in brightness to make the map look more interesting
  • Reallocated towns, villages, mercenary camps and spawn points. I renamed a lot of parties, but I also tried to keep it compliant to the storyline. The main reason was to use the whole map for the parties and stretch the distance between the parties. The positions of the towns and viallages was taken from a real map. So I think the result is the compromise between story, history, gameplay and the look of the overland map.
  • Castles are no longer called “Castle” or else – they just have an # – prefix. I think it looks good at the overland map.
  • Changed a few (uninteresting) parts of the storiy to the new names of villages.
  • Changed factions: “Polish Commonwealth” to “Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth” and “Muscovite Tsardom” to “Tsardom of Russia”. Both are the correct names of the factions.
  • Deleted and reinserted existing rivers, added some new rivers.
  • 15 additinal bridges.
  • Redesign of the mountain range in the southwest of the map.
  • Changed values of all NPC heroes, some of them has been really useless.
  • Changed values of all mercenaries to make them well-matched. The elite mercernaries are also stronger now.
  • Integrated “Sound and Smoke FX Mini-Mod” – if your machine is too slow for this (at bigger battles…), then just use the particle_systems.txt of the Native module!
  • Integrated parts of the Polished landscapes by Gutekfiutek – esspecially bushes, grasses and other small plants. No trees has been exchanged!
  • Changed colors of the factions
  • Changed ammunition bags. They have now five bullets more.

Additional notes

The module is complete. I won’t insert additional featres in the future.


New overland map (german version

Screenshot 1   Screenshot 2   Screenshot 3   Screenshot 4   Screenshot 5

 New battlefield look (one example, the battlefields are random generated)

Screenshot 1   Screenshot 2   Screenshot 3)


Latest version is:    v1.35 en/de

Download latest version of Morgh's WFAS Neo Neative module...

The Polished landscapes requires the exchange of the ground_specs.txt in the /data directory of the game client.
You can download the required files (which also includes a backup of the original files) here:

Download latest version of Morgh's WFAS Neo Neative module...

Installation instructions

Unrar the archive to “[m&b path]\Modules\”. Start the Launcher and select the Neo Native module.


This tool is no official software from TaleWorlds Entertainment. Use it at your own risk.

For this reason, I accept   N O   K I N D   of liability or legal responsibility for any results of erroneous usage of this software, possible program errors, or results of erroneous constellations of software, drivers and hardware!


  • Gutekfiutek – Polished Landscapes (only a few parts of it)
  • Solecist – Sound and Smoke FX Mini-Mod
  • Morgh (myself)  – Morgh’s M&B WB/WFAS Editor
  • Morgh (myself)  – Morgh’s Parties to TME Converter (v0.5 unreleased)

Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword - (c) 2005-2011 TaleWorlds Entertainment